Who are 'we'?

The intiative and pushing power behind the SDS is Michel Sarolea from Groningen (NL). In his life Michel has made many long sailingtrips all over the world with different motor_ and sailingships. Also he worked the last 15 years as a charterskipper in Australia, Mediterranean/Baltic Sea, Caribic and in Holland on wellknown ships like Loodskotter EEMS, VoorwaartsVoorwaarts and others.

During these journeys he often met other sailors who got into problems because of the transport of their yachts. Ór the location was too difficult ór it was too costly. Meanwhile Michel is financial independant which opens possibilities to help other sailors with deliveries of yachts based upon his experience. Whith this in mind the SDS is founded (helping somebody else is helping yourselve).

To take care of continuilty he is supported by other experienced and qualified skippers and crew (STCW’95-2010) who are of the same mind.